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2019 JVOC Competition names Winners

posted Mar 3, 2019, 12:29 AM by Bobby Clark
Greenville, South Carolina - The Alpha Phi Alpha Greenville Foundation (AGF) and Furman University continued our 11-year partnership by promoting oratorical skills with Greenville County High School Students, with the annual Joseph Vaughn Oratorical Contestant. (JVOC).

Since 2008, AGF has sponsored the Joseph Vaughn Oratorial Competition and this year we again had five finalists compete in the event which was held at Tabernacle Baptist Church, on 400 S. Hudson Street in Greenville South Carolina.

This year's five finalists were as follows:


Zharia Anderson
Legacy Charter High School

11th Grade


Cole Dawson
Riverside High School
12th Grade


Xavier Conquest
Hillcrest High School
12th Grade


Shalyn Drakeford
Riverside High School
12th Grade


Talia Samard
Riverside High School
12th Grade

The contestants spoke on this year's theme, " Any law that degrades human personality is unjust. What my responsibility in today's society?", which refers to the Martin Luther King's famous Letter from a Birmingham Jail written in April 1963. Contestants were required to give 4-7:30 minute speeches and were evaluated by a panel of four judges on the following areas: Content, Delivery, and Language.

All the finalists gave outstanding speeches. However, the results of our competition were as follows:

1st Place Shalyn Drakeford
2nd Place Xavier Conquest
3rd Place Talia Samard

Prizes were as follows: 1st place -$450, 2nd place - $250, and third place -$150. All other finalists received a certificate and participation prize.