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Martin Luther King, Jr. Scholarship Gala
The Scholarship Gala is the oldest celebration of MLK Day in Greenville, SC; with the first event being held in 1977. It has been co-sponsored by Gamma Gamma Lambda Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity and Furman University since 2008. 

This event serves four purposes for the Upstate Community. 
  • First, it serves as a collaborative event for the Gamma Gamma Lambda Chapter and Furman University’s joint celebration of Dr. King’s legacy.  Realizing that many MLK activities take place our community, Gamma Gamma Lambda has been instrumental in charting the course for many of these celebrations and observances. Traditionally, the Gala has been the lead event for the upstate community's MLK celebration. 
  • Second, this is the primary fundraising effort for the Luke H. Chatman Scholarship, which is awarded to Greenville High School Students in April of each year. 
  • Third, the Gala serves as an opportunity to educate local youth about Dr. King’s Legacy and various programs that promote positive examples for youth to emulate. As a part of this effort, the Gala features in various presentations and information about Dr. King’s message and programs which are ideal examples his description of “Beloved Community”. 
  • Finally, the Gala is where we announce the latest award of the Martin Luther King Citizenship Award for Upstate of South Carolina. 

During the Scholarship, we recognize our many sponsors and presenters. Please patronize our sponsors. 

Upcoming Scheduled Event: 

January 7, 2018, 3 PM
Younts Conference Center
Furman University

Tickets are $60 per person
Available from any GGL Brother, calling (864) 735-0880 or by emailing 

Event Chairman: Allen Cook
(864) 735-0880

The Gala is the oldest celebration of MLK Day in Greenville, SC; with the first event being held in 1977.


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