AGF's elects New Board Leadership for 2024

Bobby Clark, move from Vice Chair to Chair

Greenville, South Carolina - Alpha Phi Alpha Greenville Foundation (AGF) and Gamma Gamma Lambda Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity have been elected We have new Officer changes for the foundation, as previous Chairman, Allen Cook, and long-time Treasurer, Jimmy Durante, have ended their time as officers, but are remaining on the board.  The election occurred in October and November and the transitions were completed in December 2023. 

In their places are Bobby Clark, who moves from Vice Chair to Chair, and New board members:  Charles Beasley (Treasurer) and Quiyante Burroughs (Vice Chairman).

We thank the previous board members, Cook and Durante, for their service and welcome the new leadership as we embark on the mission of the Foundation and face new challenges in 2024.