About the Alpha Phi Alpha Greenville Foundation 

Established in 2012 as a public 501(c)3 non-profit, tax-exempted organization, our mission is to aid the poor, underrepresented and disadvantaged and help them achieve self-sufficiency. Our programs address teenage pregnancy prevention, college preparation & awareness, educational scholarships, youth leadership development, and other similar programs.  We serve the Upstate area of South Carolina and are affiliated with the Gamma Gamma Lambda Chapter of ΑΦΑ in Greenville, South Carolina. We received our final 501(c)3 Designation in November 2013 and we have been registered with the State of South Carolina as a Charitable organization since May 2013. 

Currently, we support the following program and fundraising efforts:

2023 Alpha Greenville Foundation Annual Report 

This report summarizes the seven (7) efforts of the Alpha Phi Alpha Greenville Foundation (known as Alpha Greenville Foundation) in the calendar year 2023.  We conduct several programs and fundraisers annually to engage youth through scholarships, grants, competitions, awards, and other opportunities. 

This report will give our sponsors and supporters the transparency to see our efforts and join us as we continue our program for our community.

We want to thank our sponsors, Furman University, Orangebees, US&S Inc., and Gamma Gamma Lambda Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., for their generous support as Celebration Sponsors.  Also, Thank you to all our Tier 1 Sponsors: K-Mech Services, StrategyWorks, Travis Posley, Travis Smith, Charles Beasley & Luke H. Chatman Families, and our many Tier Sponsors for their support.

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