Notes for Recruiters, Students, Families, Directions

Here are some notes for the program details for College Recruiters, Student Winners, and their families.

updated 1/31/22

This is a virtual program with no in-person option due to COVID Crisis.

All attendees must register on Eventbrite at you cannot share your link since attendees will need to use the link sent to them via email.

When you connect, Please rename your connection with the following prefixes.

“R-<Your Name)>-<your College>” (Ex. R-Jim Rosemond-Clemson University).

“Bro.” for all any Alpha Brothers (Ex. Bro. Bobby Clark)

“Mr. / Mrs. /Dr.” For other presenters (Ex. Mrs. Melanie Gordon)

We are asking to rename Student Winners with their category based on this key:

Ac- Academics

Ar- Art

Al- Athletics

L- Leadership

M- Music


Ex. Mike Brown is a STEM student winner. Rename his -S-Mike Brown

Ex. Janice Jackson is art and leadership award winner - Ar-L-Janice Jackson”

Program Outline:

We would suggest you connect by 9:45 AM, as the opening program starts at 10 AM. At 10:20 AM we split into two concurrent sessions: "First Year of College" and "Financial Aid 101". Parents will be encouraged to attend the Financial Aid Session, and student winners will be asked to stay in the Watkins Room. In the Watkins Room, we will have a moderator ask some initial questions to the panel and then take questions from current students. The session will last from 10:20 AM to 11:20 AM.

After the sessions, we ask winners to begin lining up for the ceremony which will start at 12 PM. During this time Recruiters and College students will have an opportunity to speak to interested parents about your schools at the display tables. At 12 PM, we award the student winners at this time and conclude the program by noon. We will then take a group picture of the winners and the event will remain open until 2 PM.