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“Empowering the local community to be future leaders and mentors”

If you think about the empowering activities of today’s society, it stems from the efforts made by past African American leaders. Leaders such as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Andrew Young led the civil rights movement to change social norms to benefit the nation through non-violence means. Justice Thurgood Marshall led the legal fight to change unjust laws and empowered a race of people to become lawyers and judges. Luke H. Chatman and Joseph Vaughn helped to empower local students at Sterling High School. Dr. Rudolph Gordon, a former member of this foundation and Greenville’s first African American superintendent, helped to inspire students to stay in school and live the dream of mastering success through Education. 

Also, if you look within the aims of Martin Luther King Jr.'s “I Have a Dream Speech,” it echoes the dream of a "beloved community" built to empower its members regardless of their race, sexuality, or country of origin.  The Alpha Phi Alpha Greenville Foundation (AGF) sponsors programs that will give many Upstate students the opportunity to learn and develop essential skills which will help them meet the many challenges that they may encounter in their daily effort to be successful. Our foundation exists because we are dedicated to help empower all the youth of the Upstate.

Currently, we support the following scholastic and fundraising efforts: