AGF sponsors Local High School Students to Leadership Institute

Post date: Jul 25, 2013 5:7:32 AM

Greensboro, North Carolina - As a part of the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity's larger effort to give deserving high school students Leadership Development and Education Training, Alpha Phi Alpha Greenville Foundation and with along with the local chapter Gamma Gamma Lambda Chapter sponsored five local high school students to attend the annual Leadership Development Institute (LDI). The Upstate students joined 146 other students and 28 Chaperones from across the South to participate in the five day Institute held at North Carolina A&T University from June 12-June 16. Eighteen students were from South Carolina including three Chaperones.

"The eyes of the participants reflected the hunger of the soul.", says Bro. Teiji Kimball, Session Facilitator. "They were sponges soaking up every word and competing to participate. They reached out for affirmation and validation as well as correction and guidance. All different levels of verbal and non-verbal skills, confidence and self-images were the topics for my session discussion." Justin McAdams of Greer High School enjoyed the college atmosphere. "Seminars were every informative and helpful. I will be applying the skills I've learned at the LDCEI to my everyday living. I would love to attend next year if I can."

The curriculum for the LDI around the central goals of the program. Thus, three components grounded the curriculum design: (1) Leadership, (2) Citizenship, and (3) Higher Education. In addition to the workshops on Leadership skills, the Institute had Oratorical, Poetry, and Talent competitions as well as others scholarship activities. Patience Kearse of Eastside High School, "loved the museum and workshops. They were both informative and interesting."

The Southern Regional Institute started at Benedict College in South Carolina under the leadership of Dr. Henry Ponder, former President of the University and later a General President of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc and actually predates the national initiative where it was called the Leadership Academy. Bobby Clark, a current member AGF Board Member, was one of the first participants of the institute in early 1980's and remembers them very fondly. "I was one of several other Orangeburg students that attended that summer. The experience instilled some of the same skill sets I use daily today, and so I know first hand why this is such a great opportunity for students." More information about the Institute can be found on the their website at

Alpha Phi Alpha Greenville Foundation is very proud to have sponsored along the Gamma Gamma Lambda chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity.

Here are the 2013 LDI Participants from Greenville, South Carolina:

Coordinated by Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity's Kappa Lambda Chapter, North Carolina A&T University has hosted the Institute for several years, and serves as an ideal location to nourish the skills for the young students attending the Institute. Kelon Barnes of Greenville Senior High School enjoyed the chance to travel to the school. "It was a great experience to learn more about leadership and become a better leader. I enjoyed it so much that I wanted more and more activities to participate in."

The Leadership Development Citizenship Education Initiative (LDCEI) is a national initiative which aims to develop a 21st Century generation of leaders, started in 1983. This mission starts with young people, particularly those who demonstrate the potential to comprehend and apply the fundamental principles needed by leaders as well as whom, by virtue of their age and education, are often looked upon as role models. Thus, the Leadership Development Institute seeks to equip high school students, primarily sophomores to seniors, with vital leadership skills. This Institute is sponsored by the Southern Region of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity and is one of five institutes across the country held annually.

  • Miashia Barton, rising Senior, Greenville Tech Charter School

  • Kelon Barnes, rising Senior, Greenville Senior High School Academy of Academic Excellence

  • Kyrah Brown, rising Sophomore Riverside High School

  • Patience Kearse, rising Senior, Eastside High School

  • Justin McAdams, rising Senior, Greer Middle College Charter High School

  • Shawn Wilder, Chaperone from Gamma Gamma Lambda Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha